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Blackstar HT-DELAY

Blackstar HT-DELAY
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8 different delay effects

With eight different delays in one pedal the HT-DELAY can take you from vintage and multihead tape head delays, through to classic analogue and linear full bandwidth effects and two loop modes as well. You can then add in real valve compression and harmonics using the unique Saturation control.

HT-DELAY Pedal Overview

  • 8 delay effects
  • Genuine valve design
  • Operates at 300V HT
  • Unique saturation control
  • Tap and two loops modes
  • Stereo
  • Unique switching operation
  • Silent switching
  • Power supply included
  • High integrity buffered bypass

HT-DELAY Features Overview

  • 300V HT Small Image
    Operates at 300V HT

    All the Blackstar pedals operate on 300VDC anode supply voltage (H.T. voltage).

  • 8 Delay Effects

    The HT-DELAY can take you from vintage and multihead tape delays, through to classic analogue and linear full bandwidth effects.

  • Unique Saturation Control

    The HT-DELAY's Saturation control affects the amount of valve compression and harmonics in the effect.

  • Tap / Loop Modes

    Featuring two loop modes, the HT-DELAY can loop playback, produce sound on sound and also overdub.


Operates at 300V HT

True High Voltage

300V HT The HT-DELAY pedal operates on a 300V DC anode supply voltage (High Tension voltage). This is the same used in traditional valve amplifier design and means the circuit has all the compression and distortion characteristics associated with a true valve amp design and therefore 'cleans up' in the same way when you back off the volume on your guitar.

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8 Delay Effects

From vintage to linear

8 Delay Effects With eight different delays in one pedal, the HT-DELAY can take you from vintage and multihead tape delays, through to classic analogue and linear full bandwidth effect. Each of the effects can be altered further using the Saturation control.

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Unique Saturation Control

Valve driven saturation

Saturation Feature By adjusting the drive to the high voltage valve circuit in the effect side chain, Saturation affects the amount of valve compression and harmonics in the effect. As you turn the control clockwise the amount of saturation goes from clean right through to a mild crunchy valve sound.

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Tap and Two Loop Modes

One shot and overdub features

Tap and Loop Modes The HT-DELAY pedal features tap/loop modes. Loop 1 features a One shot / Loop plackback, trigger function which can record what you are playing and either play it back once or loop the whole phrase. Loop 2 features an Overdub which can be selected to loop your recorded sound.

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Unique Switching

Switch silently between channels

Unique Switching Many hours of research showed us that only soft switching and a buffered bypass signal will give absolutely silent switching in high gain applications.

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Rugged Design

Solidly built pedals

Rugged Design Image All Blackstar pedals are subjected to extensive laboratory and road testing to ensure that they are truly uncompromising in terms of reliability, quality and above all tone. You can throw them in the van and take them on the road and not have to worry.

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High Integrity Buffered Bypass

High Gain Power

Buffered Bypass The HT-DELAY's buffered bypass signal means there are no problems presented by driving long cable runs or chains of other effects.

HT-DELAY Suggested Settings

Some ideas on how to get some great sounds from your HT-DELAY pedal


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Download Suggested Settings PDF

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Download Blank Settings PDF


Linear Setting


Analogue Setting

Multihead 1

Multihead 1 Setting

Multihead 2

Multihead 2 Setting


Tape Setting


Space Setting

Loop 1

Loop 1 Setting

Loop 2

Loop 2 Setting
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